The Yacht Hunter Mission & Philosophy

The Yacht Hunter Mission and Guiding Philosophies to assure that you buy the best yacht at the lowest price.

The Yacht Hunter Mission

To serve as the most client centric yacht broker the industry has ever or will ever see, by protecting and optimizing each uniquely individual yacht purchasers financial considerations through the implementation transparent approaches and analytical insights.



  • Just because you can afford a yacht, doesn’t mean that you should ever spend more than necessary on the purchase of your yacht; too often a buyer is either unaware or ill advised in their purchases, but they don’t need to be.
  • You’ve worked your a** off to buy a yacht, so it’s both my personal and professional obligation to assure that the buying process is painless and that you enjoy every minute of your yacht ownership experience.
  • The Golden Rule of Yacht Purchasing: Always negotiate the purchase price of a yacht based on the historical pricing data opposed to the comparable market prices; obtaining this information is critical to ensuring the right deal as opposed to a perceived deal that too many yacht purchasers fall victim to.


To obtain historical pricing data to leverage your position in the negotiation of your yacht, visit XXXXXXX.

To find out how you can buy a yacht for 30% under it’s list value, download Yacht Hunting: The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Yacht at the Lowest Price.

To contact the Yacht Hunter regarding representing in the purchase of your yacht, partnership opportunities or about a collaboration opportunity, fill out the following form or schedule a time to talk further here.




By The Yacht Hunter

When incredible people purchase amazing yachts, I advise them on buying the best yacht at the lowest price. Creator of the Yacht Zero Purchasing Strategy and Yachtlytics Purchase Reports.

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