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Q: What’s your real name and what do you do?

A: My name is Christopher Mortimer and I am the first strategic yacht purchasing advisor, or simply, a yacht broker strictly working on the ‘buy side’ of yachts opposed to selling as well.


Q: How did you wind up in the yachting industry?

A: I’ve always had a fascination with yachts from a young age but never thought I would be as involved as I’ve gotten. As a middle class kid growing up in a small sailing town outside of New York City I always had aspirations to become a Wall Street big wig, but in my early career, I learned that yachts were more than pleasure tools or lifestyle upgrades, but also had some little known tax advantages and financial benefits.

On the heels of a failed business, I packed up my car with not much besides the clothes on my back and ventured south to the yachting capital of the world to learn everything I possible could about yachts and to surround myself with their owners, so I could learn from their successes.


Q: Why did you chose the name, ‘The Yacht Hunter’?

A: Considering that I strictly advise clients worldwide in the purchase of their yachts, the word hunter implies that I can target any yacht regardless of its make, size or cost and successfully take it down for the benefit of my clients.


Q: How do you want to be known across the industry?

A: I want to be the fresh perspective wake up call, that stops both buyers and brokers from ‘doing it that way because it’s the way it’s always been done’. Since my mission is to become the most client centric yacht broker the industry has ever and will ever see, I want to be a buyer or charter’s first call when they begin their search so I can educate them and connect them to the experts that will make their experience seamless and efficient.


Q: What inspired you to put a very new and different spin on traditional yacht brokerage as it has been known?

A: My background for one is a lot different than so many other people in the industry; I’m a numbers guy with a very different perspective than the inherent groupthink possessed by the other brokers coming from long standing yachting families or captains that are used to the way it is, opposed to the way it should be.

My earliest clients seemed to ask very similar questions and I realized that instead of waiting for clients to come to me to educate them, there was an opportunity in educating anyone with intent, through one centralized resource. Other brokers as well as owners, would share stories of how a few unethical brokers were damaging the reputation of the great ones, so the slight innovation of strictly purchasing yachts became really clear.


Q: What can someone expect when they work with you?

A: I want them to enjoy my big personality, to know that the numbers will validate my professional reccomendations and that their financial considerations, will be treated as my own. I want them to know that I will tell them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear to support a bigger or quicker purchase. I want them to take comfort in the fact that I won’t know the answer to every question but will be the first to admit that, but the first to connect them with the expert they need to make better decisions. Most of all, I want them to know how much I appreciate them choosing to work with me when there are a number of other great brokers out there they could chose to work with as well.


Q: Where are you based out of?

A: I’m available to assist any client with any yacht worldwide. With no dealer affiliations, with no sellling obligations, I can make myself available to assist my clients with any and all of their purchasing needs.




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