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One Paragraph Summary: If you’re heading to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show from November 1st to 5th 2017, you’re guaranteed a good time (and a ton of walking), but you can take a few precautions to make sure you optimize your experience. The skinny, plan to attend for two days, starting on the first day, wear a comfortable pair of shoes and do what you can to give out as little of your information as possible.

Heading to #FLIBS17 as the kids are calling it these days on social media? You’ll see a number of amazing yachts, meet the people responsible for selling them, all of the latest water toys, insurers, crew placement agencies and everything in between. As the largest show in the world, featuring any time of super yacht or mega yacht available, both new and used,  there’s a lot of walking to be done that can be assisted by the shuttle busses and tenders.

The real bit of insider information that will help you make the most of your experience lies in the following tips:

  1. Show up on Day 1: Even though it’s a Wednesday, you’ll be sure to skip the crowd and gain the attention of the exhibitors.
  2. Plan to Spend 2 Days at the Show: There’s so much to see at the show and a lot of ground to cover so be sure to have a plan and see what you want to see early on day one, so you can take the rest of the time to wander like a kid in a candy shop.
  3. Registration Express: Every time you get onboard a yacht at the show, you can expect a gate attendant to log your information which is bound to result in email, texts and call for months to years on end. While you can’t blame the exhibitors for doing what they can to generate and stay in touch with boat show leads, it will result in a buildup and annoyance to you if you stop into say 25 different exhibitors.

*The way to cheat this system is 1 of 2 ways.

Walk the show with a broker. Appoint a broker to be your guide and answer your questions you have throughout the show. In the industry, if you’re with a broker, they’ll provide their information as you’re viewed as their client. Plus, they’ll probably pick up the cost of your tickets and are sure to save you a ton of money on your future purchase; if you don’t have one, I’d love to join!


Print faux yacht broker business cards. Just simply providing a broker’s business card to the attendant will allow you to breeze through without unwanted follow up.

4. Wear Comfortable Slip On Shoes: Simple boat etiquette, you have to take any shoes you have on off before you step onboard but with a ton of walking throughout the show, you’re going to want something beyond a sandal and nothing with laces. My recommendations are a pair of boat shoes, with Sperry’s being the most popular due to their price point, but boat shoes from Rancourt & Co have a bit more support in their boat shoe.

5. Offer, Schmoffer: It’s very common for brokers to tell you at the show or sales professionals that there is an offer on the yacht so if you want it, act swiftly. Some owners do pay a lot of money to showcase their yacht in the show which creates an emphasis to sell at all costs, so deals are definitely imminent. However, I’d wait until the last day and request that an outside broker speak directly to the seller to see how much flexibility is apparent in the price of the yacht.

If you haven’t yet appointed a yacht broker or better, a strategic yacht purchasing advisor to represent you in your transaction, it would be a privilege to guide you through the purchasing process and your enjoyment. Request your free Yachtlytics Buyer’s Report here:

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