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BEFORE Buying a Mangusta; #’s To Know

I don’t need to tell you how beautiful a Mangusta is, I don’t need to tell you how their shallow drafts and high performance make them unique, sexy and worth the big price tag. What I do need to tell you though, is Mangusta Yachts often times represent the biggest opportunities for sellers and brokers to trick buyers into a good deal.


If you’re checking out Mangusta yachts on the market or considering a new build, you’ve done your homework and you can see what the market looks like, but what you can’t see is how the market HAS BEEN or how it will adjust, which happens to my professional strength and your benefit here.

When someone comes to me and wants to buy a yacht, I have to do my due diligence, and before I make any sort of recommendation or advisement, the numbers have to make sense. So check out the statistical analysis I’ve done in the images below. What does this tell us, that Mangustas median time on market and discount both exceed the typical 6-8 month period and discount of 8 – 12%, and that’s only the median!

Importance of Recent Sales

Knowing how much the most recent buyer of a Mangusta paid for theirs will serve as your best leverage in your negotiation. Ofcourse from there, you can set a ceiling for where you’re going to negotiate and from there deduct for the last time the drives have been serviced, if the decks need to be replaced, and so on and so on.

This information isn’t typically made available to buyers because salesman and brokers want to keep the prices artificially high; this benefits everyone besides you the buyer. Luckily, I have access to this information and would be more than happy to share it with you so long as you fill out the following form by clicking yes, let’s go!


This seems like a no brainer but seeing the Mangusta will certainly validate that this is the purchase and fit that works for you. Whether it’s at a boat show, a scheduled appointment or on a charter, a physical visit to the vessel will validate that it is the right yacht to purchase. I have a friend who worked as an engineer on a Mangusta 150 that had sold recently and the amount of offers made on the vessel before the buyers ever got on were suprisingly staggering; the deals fell through when they learned the mahogany was replaced with veneer and the jets failed during sea trial, but you will save yourself time, trouble and money by doing in the proper order.


Depending on the size and budget of the Mangusta you’re looking at, you will really only have a few alternatives: Arno Leopard, Pershing and if you’re on the ultra high end, Rossinavi yachts.

For new and used Mangusta yachts and Mangusta Price, check here.

For used models, I’d check out the following.
Miss MoneyPenny V 2012 165′ Mangusta
NAMASTE 2017 136′ Mangusta)
KABIR 2007 130′ Mangusta
U WISH 2011 105′ Mangusta
ALLURE 2004 105′ Mangusta
ALCHEMIST 1995 100′ Mangusta
EVA 2006 98′ Mangusta
EXCELLENCE 2019 94′ Mangusta
KAMPAI 2005 92′ Mangusta
EVA 2006 92′ Mangusta
COAL BLOODED 2007 80′ Mangusta
HAPPY 2005 80′ Mangusta
CENTURION I 2004 72′ Mangusta


Like an analyst recommending an investor to buy, sell, or hold a stock, the same due diligence and unbiased professional opinion is becoming more necessary to make the right purchasing decision. This is how I consistently keep buyers from overpaying for their yachts and I take an immense amount of pride in doing so.

Created by The Yacht Hunter, a Yachtlytics Yacht Purchasing Report examines market conditions, historical sales information, operational costs, charter potential and a number of other factors to produce actionable insights through a series of graphs, charts and tables to assure that yacht purchasers consistently buy the best yacht at the best price. 

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