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4 Tips for Buying the Best Nordhavn, at the Best Price

The fool proof guide to buying your Nordhavn for less!


While it may come off as a sweeping generalization, Nordhavn buyers are typically very astute buyers, they often times hail from an engineering based career, in which they approach every problem with a solution that is methodical and calculated in nature, yet too often, at the time of purchase for their Nordhavn, they fail to turn over every stone possible.

With that said, while it’s important to know the analytics specific to the exact Nordhavn you’re considering, here’s a few general Nordhavn benchmarks.

  • Nordhavns sell at a median price of 7% below their list value
  • A Nordhavn sold every 6 days in 2017
  • 82% of Nordhavns sell within the USA.

By knowing how long the Nordhavn you’re planning on buying spends on the market, at what % below the list price it typically sells for and a number of other key indicators, you will position yourself to buy at the best and fairest price possible.


When a Nordhavn is sold, regardless of its size, year, or location, it’s recorded in a database, typically accessible only to yacht sales professionals.

It’s way too common that sellers want an unrealistic price for their vessel and when you combine that with the fact that salesman strategically list vessels for sale upwards of 30% – 50% above the most recent sale price to create the illusion of a ‘good deal’ for an uninformed or unrepresented buyer. 

Whichever Nordhavn you’re looking into purchasing, I highly reccomend you fill out the following form for a nearly immediate text back with the requested information.


Not just any surveyor, but a surveyor that has in fact surveyed a Nordhavn in the past. Although Nordhavns are well made vessels, they’re quite different than other trawlers or luxury yachts; the same database where sales records are maintained, also provides insight as to who surveyed the Nordhavn.

Here you can gain access to past surveys which might show recurring issues in Nordhavns and will provide a testament to their intimate knowledge of inspecting a Nordhavn. 

It’s a shame how often very successful yacht purchasers hire a surveyor familiar with a VanDutch or Riva to survey their Nordhavn; it’s apples to oranges and can be obtained with nothing more than an email.


Nordhavn’s are unique beauties for the simple fact that there’s (in my opinion) no other yachts that combine the peformance, styling and amenities the way they do.

However, falling in love with one particular Nordhavn without considering other trawlers, power catamarans or explorer yachts based on your budget or price range.

Be sure to check out this 2013 60′ Nordhavn ‘One Life’ in Stuart, Florida!

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