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If you’re considering purchasing a new or used Pershing yacht, there’s a simple formula you should follow to assure that you’re buying the best yacht at the best price.
*Note: Always ask how frequently the bottom was cleaned as build up can have undesired long term effects on arneson drives.


When submitting an offer for a Pershing yacht or any yacht for that matter, you have to consider that both buyers and sellers can be egotistical; a stubborn seller or an offensive low ball offer can derail any negotiation, so as always, I work to protect the buyers, so I want you to substantiate and validate your low ball offer. These images, provide some powerful benchmarking and leverage but there’s more to know beyond these!


Every yacht sold, regardless of the make, model, size, year, location or price point of the vessel, is recorded in a yachting MLS, accessbile only to yacht sales professionals.

It’s common practice for yacht sales professionals to add up to 30% – 50% above the most recent sale to the listing price, to create the illusion of a ‘good deal’ for an uninformed and unrepresented buyer.¬†

As I’ve watched the market on Pershing yachts for a long time, I can tell you that many of the current list prices are well above the recorded sales prices. While the salesman don’t want you to know this information, I have no problem sharing this with you. Fill out the f orm below to get the info:


This seems like a no brainer but seeing the Pershing will certainly validate that this is the purchase and fit that works for you. Whether it’s at a boatshow, a scheduled appointment or on a charter, a physical visit to the vessel will validate that it is the right yacht to purchase.

I hear stories all the time about how buyers make offers to make sure that they’re travel time is worth it only if a tentative deal is agreed upon first, but this is unwise. I use the analogy of how much buying a yacht is like on line dating; often times the true condition of the yacht is far from what’s advertised.


Browse the market and have your broker check off-market listings.¬†Depending on the size of the Pershing you’re looing at an Arno Leopard or Mangusta may be better.

Here are a few of the best looking Pershing on the market.


Now I’m a little bit biased on this because this is how I make my money but analyzing all of the trends, data and numbers that are relevant to your purchase, are all synthesized in a Yachtlytics yacht purchasing report.

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LE CAPRICE IV 2011 Pershing 108
2018 Pershing 108
INCOGNITO 2012 Pershing 92
2019 Pershing 9X
SHADOW 2007 Pershing 90
ONE MORE TOY 2000 Pershing 88′ Pininfarina Limited Ed
GROOT 2015 Pershing 82
MO TOWN 2015 Pershing 82
MILAGROS 2013 Pershing 82
WHY KNOT 2017 Pershing 82 VHP
NO NAME 2010 Pershing 80
PRATA 2008 Pershing 80
PRESS BUY 2012 Pershing Motor Yacht
OUR TRADE PERSHING 74 2016 Pershing 74′
LIQUID ASSET 2009 Pershing 72
VANTAGE 2009 Pershing 72
INTREPIDO 2008 Pershing 72
SCORPIO 2009 Pershing Cruiser
2018 Pershing 70
STELLA 2016 Pershing 70
2014 Pershing 64
2009 Pershing 64
SOUND VIEW 2013 Pershing 64′
SCORPIO III 2013 Pershing 64′
JOY 2010 Pershing 64′
AMBER 2011 Pershing Cruiser
ALEGRIAS 2014 Pershing 62
AKULA 2016 Pershing 62′
NO NAME 2014 Pershing 62′
ICEMAN 2018 Pershing 5X

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