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Quick, concise and helpful videos when buying any yacht. Hosted on the Yacht Hunter YouTube Channel, the videos will play in order below, or you can select individually below.

  1. 5 Things The Seller Isn’t Telling You + Biggest Mistake
  2. 3 Low Cost Ideas For Yacht Owners
  3. Setting A Budget For Buying & Operation
  4. 10 Rules To Follow When Buying A Yacht
  5. Hidden Costs When Buying New Yachts From European Builders
  6. The Yacht Buying Process
  7. US Spec Yachts: Why We Love Them But Do We Need Them?
  8. 3 Effective Types of Offers
  9. Yacht Hurricane Preparation
  10. Searching For A Yacht
  11. How To Make The Most Of A Boat Show
  12. Chartering A Yacht Before You Buy
  13. 5 Categories of Yacht Buyers & Why We Buy Them
  14. Is A Yacht Ever A Good Investment?
  15. Selling Your Yacht (Negotiating the 10% Yacht Broker Commission)
  16. Must Knows When Buying Yachts
  17. Yacht Donations
  18. Why You Need A Buyer’s Broker
  19. New Yachts, Used Yachts & Custom
  20. Hiring A Marine Surveyor
  21. Yacht Management: Cheaper Than A Captain

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