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If you’re searching for used Pershing yachts for sale Miami, feel free to browse here, but be sure to scroll down to learn critical data and purchasing tips to acquire any Pershing yacht for less.

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Biggest Pershing Yacht Buying Mistakes

If you’re looking for someone to convince you not to buy a Pershing, I’m not that guy, however, I am the guy who’s going to tell you everything you NEED to know so you don’t overpay for your Pershing.

When considering buying a used Pershing yacht for sale in Miami or anywhere else for that matter, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know is not the list price, but the recent sales price, or what actual Pershing buyers have paid for their yachts. Salesman don’t want you to know this information because they’re hoping that you’ll overpay as they’ll earn a higher commission while subsequently, yielding their seller a higher return.

To demonstrate this example, it’s best to consider the following example:

A 2013 64 Pershing is currently listed for $1,500,000 yet the most recently sold 2013 64 Pershing sold for $1,300,000 earlier this year, which drops the new ceiling for what any savvy buyer should expect to pay. (Be sure to get this relevant info to your purchase using the calculator – Click Here).

Two very important data and analytically driven points you do need to know are:

  • 7 Months Represents The Median Amount of Time a Pershing Takes To Sell On The Open Market
  • 12.43% Represents The Median Amount a Pershing yacht sells below its Asking Price.

Pershing Yachts Range, Cruising Speed & Fuel Consumption Analysis (Coming Soon)

Pershing Yachts Calculator Coming Soon

Pershing Yachts Review

Some yacht buyers discount Pershing Yachts because they’re intimidated by the prospect of surface drives yet it’s my philosophy that this is a tactic started by captains or salesman that are unfamiliar with surface drives. Surface drives allow Pershing owners to obtain faster speeds, better fuel efficiency which only further benefit the sexy, daredevil design of these fine Italian yachts. Pershings yachts for sale in Miami

About one third of Pershing listings are controlled by the broker/dealer facilitating sales of new Pershing models, which means prices have been kept artificially high, to encourage current owners to trade in/out of new models or into similar vessels within the Ferretti Group family: Riva, Ferretti, Baia, etc.

While there are a number of great Pershing options on the market, I would check out the following.

Why Knot – 2017 Pershing 82 VHP Fort Lauderdale Florida
Our Trade – 2016 Pershing 74 Fort Lauderdale Florida
Ice Man – 2018 Peshing 5x Boca Raton
***BUYER’s Opportunity: Pershing 64’s represent the strongest buying opportunity for interested Pershing buyers as 75% of Pershing 64 listings have been listed for sale over 1 year. The Yacht Hunter’s philosophy is that an inefficient market has been created by Allied Marine/ The Ferretti Group to force trades by owners into Riva/Ferretti/Baia options.

I also would consider alternatives outside the Pershing family depending on your budget, size, needs and timeline.

2015 Baia Italia 71’ West Palm Beach Florida
Long Way Round – 2014 Sunseeker Sport Fort Lauderdale

Pershing Yachts & The Yacht Hunter

I’m Chris Mortimer of, and it’s my responsibilities to educate, advise and to protect yacht buyers in every transaction, whether they buy a Pershing or any other yacht. Buyer’s Broker full representation services are always free for buyers, as compensation is derived through a split of the seller’s commission.

I can be contacted by phone (305) 709-2644, by email ( or via my YouTube channel 24/7. A team of captain’s and I would be delighted to welcome you to the Yacht Hunter family, and to ensure your enjoyment onboard your yacht you’ve worked so hard for to enjoy.

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Get to know me by checking out this video about buying Pershing Yachts below!

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When incredible people purchase amazing yachts, I advise them on buying the best yacht at the lowest price. Creator of the Yacht Zero Purchasing Strategy and Yachtlytics Purchase Reports.

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