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If you’re considering purchasing a Pershing 64 or Pershing 72, this post is designed for you to save a sh**load of money. 

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Never Pay More Than The Last Buyer

The best piece of advice I can give you is this: ignore the list price of the Pershing you’re looking at. There’s only one number that matters when you’re buying a Pershing and that is the recent sales price.

The recent sale price is what the last buyer paid for their boat. In a perfectly rational world, this establishes the ceiling or top number you will pay, therefore providing you with critical leverage in your negotiation. This information is recorded in a yacht sales database and made available to yacht salesman only.


The last 2009 Pershing 72 sold for $1,600,000 in 2015 but there’s one currently listed for sale at $1,695,000.

Now, a yacht salesman doesn’t want you to know this information because they want you to overpay for your yacht. So not only will the salesman omit or exaggerate this information, but it’s common practice to list a boat well above this number to create a sense of perceived value for buyers, when in reality it’s a trick to have them overspend.

Luckily for you, you know this information exists and you won’t consider buying a Pershing until you get it. I’ve made it available by filling out the following form (FORM).

In addition to the recent sales price, I highly suggest and recommend obtaining relevant factors such as how long Pershing 64 or Pershing 72 typically spends on the market, how much they typically sell below their list price and a number of other analytics (featured in this video here – What Pershing Buyers Need To Know)

It’s important to mention as well that the hull color and upholstery can impact sales price; the louder more uncommon colors make for a tougher sale to a larger buying pool; never allow a salesman to tell you how rare and desirable it is; in truth it’ scarce and unappealing.

I’m Chris Mortimer and I make sure yacht buyers never overpay for their yachts.
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