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Yacht Hunter Lazzara LSX Review.

If you’re reading the Yacht Hunter Lazzara LSX review, I have one word of advice for you; DON’T! They are appealing for the sense that they might be the sleekest American built yachts ever made, but for the following reasons, I tell my clients to stay clear.

  1. The Only Thing Worse Than Maintenance on 2 Engines is 4 Engines. Lazzara yachts was one of the first to adopt pod drives into their builds which is great. What’s less than stellar is these are one of the only yachts to have four inboard engines opposed to the usual two. Four underpowered engines don’t take the place of two. In a copy cat industry, no other builders asides from Delta Carbon has adopted the four engine technology for good reason. To further demonstrate that this was the wrong move, 4 different Lazzara LSX’s have been repowered inside of 10 years.
  2. Charter Abuse – Given their sleek design, modern furnishings and expansive galley layouts, LSX’s have been desirable charter boats especially in Miami Beach.
  3. Market Manipulation – This shouldn’t come as a surpise but the Lazzara brothers since the shipyard ceased production of these yachts have maintained the listings for these vessels. With that said, they have controlled who buys and sells these vessels which has kept prices higher than they typically would be.
  4. Big Buyer’s Market – There are currently four Lazzara LSX 75’s on the market. Two of them have been for sale for over a year and a half. What does that mean? Well it means that there should be a footrace between the brokers and owners to get theirs sold first. Unfortunately, yacht sales is a wildly inefficient process so knowing how to
  5. Discontinued – Since Lazzara yachts has ceased production, Lazarra’s have taken longer to sell and have sold at a larger discount. Without buyers of new models creating secondary demand, this is natural for any builder who goes out of business.


Whether you’re looking at a Lazzara LSX 75 or 92, your best bet is shifting your search towards Pershing yachts. Enjoyed the Yacht Hunter Lazzara LSX review?

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