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Sunreef Power Catamaran Fuel Consumption & Range

If you’re researching your purchase of a Sunreef Power Catamaran, you know you’re interested in a unique vessel; what you may not come across (easily) in your search is the range and fuel consumption for the cat.

Given my previous involvement with Gold Seahorse, a 2017 Sunreef Supreme Power Catamaran (Hull #5), I wanted to share with you the manufacturer provided information as well as what I had witnessed. Onboard we had Volvo IPS 1050 with 800 Horse power with the largest capacity fuel tank Sunreef offers in their build.

**Consumption and range are always contingent on factors such as seas, bottom cleaning, paint & application of propspeed as well as additional factors.

Volvo Penta IPS1050 588kW@2300RPM r=1.99 2 engines in operation


% rpm

Yacht speed* [kn] Engine Power [KW]  

Engine Rpm

One engine fuel consumption [L/h] Yacht Autonomy [Nm]
100% 24,2 588 2300 147,0 547
96% 21,0 513 2200 140,0 499
87% 17,1 452 2000 115 494
78% 13,3 396 1800 92 481
70% 11,8 309 1600 66,0 594
61% 10,9 196 1400 42,3 857
52% 9,3 140 1200 27,3 1135
43% 7,7 92 1000 18,55 1380
35% 5,9 71 800 9,6 2054
26% 4,0 48 600 6,0 2217

**Every attempt has been made to give accurate information, but performance and range figures are estimates given as a guide only. Dirt or growth on the hull, turning of the engines, size, make of engines fitted, propeller condition, air and water temperature, weight (fuel, water, storage, passangers, etc), fuel quality and other matters can all affect a boat’s peformance and range. For this reason, this is an indicator and not a guarentee of any sort.

I love Sunreef power catamarans but there’s definitely a lot of questions you need to ask before buying one, and there’s a number of things that I would inspect and take into consideration that you may not realize before buying.


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Power Catamarans Sunreef Yachts Yachts

Sunreef Power Catamaran Review

Check out my brutally honest Sunreef Power Catamaran Review. If  you’re investigating purchasing from Sunreef Yachts and this might be the best, most honest and unbiased thing you’ll come across in your research.

A client and friend of mine owned Gold Seahorse, a 2017 68 Sunreef Supreme power catamaran (Hull #5)  and overall, I loved it a lot; the size, the finishes, the amenities; Sunreef has undeniably filled a niche in the market that no other builder has to this point. However, there are a few aspects of the vessel and the company that I truly don’t care for.

Please note that I love their vessels but I see some need for improvement and have seen things that any potential buyer would love to know before they buy.

The Negatives

  1. Sunreef Service – If you buy a new Sunreef yacht directly from the builder, be prepared for consistently less than stellar service. There is no local service team, which means that their technicians come from Poland, which means that it’s not cost effective to service your boat for them until there’s a small punchlist or a tech is nearby working on someone else’s vessel. My philosophy is that if you’re spending your hard earned money on a new yacht, well it should be remedied immediately and properly. The service was notably poor on two occasions; during the Miami Boat Show their service team was called to the boat to perform several aspects of work with one being replacement of deck lights that had burned out; they started the job on Tuesday, and instead of completing it within an hour, left the covers off with the wires exposed to rain and the elements, only to return 3 days later to finish the job after they were done setting up for the boat show. Obviously, water had intruded and the same burn out issue repeated itself a month later. Absolutely unacceptable. I believe Sunreef yachts is a growing company and will recognize the value in having a service team in Florida and the United States in the near future, which should address that headache (to some degree).
  • Sunreef Yachts Service Less Than Stellar
    On deck lighting failing to be replaced as promised.
  1. Exterior Metals – Every builder of any yacht that’s not Dutch built, is going to cut a few corners for their own profits. The lifelines and metal railings throughout are without sugar coating it, cheap chinese quality, which meant they need to be polished at frequent intervals. Not a deal breaker, just can become quite the eye soar on such a new vessel if a proactive approach isn’t taken.
  • Sunreef Power Catamarans Issues & Review
    Poor quality metals used in design.
  1. Faring of Decks – Truth be told, I’m going to put this half on Sunreef and half on my friend the owner; when you build a semi custom yacht, you should have a project manager who doesn’t work for the company to oversee that work is done properly. Faring of the teak decks was eveident that it wasn’t done properly which caused the water to pool on the sugar scoops and fore deck. When cleaning the teak, you would have to take a deck squeegie and put the excess water out through the forward anchor hole. This again is no deal breaker but this should have been checked and tested during build.

The Positives

I mentioned I loved Sunreef yachts products so it’s a critical component of Sunreef Yachts Power Catamaran Review.

  1. US & Euro Power – Sunreef offers to buyers in the build sheet to upgrade the electrical systems to be capable for both euro power & US. If you plan to make this vessel available for charter, this is an incredible feature; when selling this, it’s an extremely attractive feature; from a convenience and service perspective it was a very worthwhile $100k upgrade.
  2. Stability & Handling – The whole multihull vs monohull argument as to multihulls being more stable is an ongoing debate with the rise of stabilizers but during a sea trial one day, we went out in some big waves and she was a star. A stable, heavy rider that myself and the 10 people onboard (5 yacht crew) were beyond pleasantly surprised to take waves as large as 8ft.
  3. Sizing Her Up To A Lagoon Power Catamaran– I firmly believe that the Lagoon 63 is one of if not the best value power catamaran that exists; however, the Sunreef feels as if it’s a ship in comparison. The beam is wider, the decks are higher, and the engines are more powerful. The
  4. Stateroom Vertical & Width – You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how large the pontoons are onboard a Sunreef and the effient layout of the staterooms onboard. Most power cats have the berths and stateroom to run parallel with the pontoon whereas Sunreef sets the berth and stateroom up in a perpendicular fashion. This allows for your same ensuite head as well as ample storage, the option to include an additional single berth if desired as well as full hanging closets.
  5. Open Concept – Sunreef has many different layouts; you can place a galley down, a galley in your salon; you can have a master stateroom on deck or you can place it in the pontoons; Gold Seahorse in particular had the galley on the main deck to mirror the widely popular open concept layout wildly popular in real estate and interior design trends. This isn’t possible on monohulls but it really presented the best opportunity for highly social owners another opportunity to enetertain guests in an unparalleled fashion; the men played cards at the dining table, while the girlfriends and wives talk in the galley and the kids watch tv as they play with their toys all in the same interior area. If you have a stewardess onboard as well, this provides unobstructed visibility for a higher quality of service as well.
  6. The Tender Garage – This is my favorite aspect of the entire boat. Your tender, jetskis, seabobs, fishing equipment and everything is neatly stored in the interior of the vessel and easily removed without needing a davit or taking up valuable deck space.

Other Important Notes

What good is a Sunreef Power Catamaran Review without some additional details?

  1. Haul Out & Service Limitations – Based off of the size of the vessel and the beam in particular, you will be limited on marinas and shipyards that can host and service your Sunreef. With that said, there are enough good options.
  2. Be Prepared To Talk About Your Boat – These garner a lot of attention on the water; most yacht owners have never been onboard a power catamaran so anticipate meeting a lot of admirers.
  3. There’s Certainly A Demand For The Product – The power catamaran market is growing but it will never, ever, ever make it to a level that even scratches the surface of monohull popularity. However, there are enough interested buyers and sellers to justify this purchase.
  4. Other Builds – Many of the Sunreef power cats that have been built are for younger and eccentric owners. Sunreef is a semi-custom builder so there’s a lot that they can tailor for the unique owner. With that said, DO NOT choose a bold color for your hull as that will turn off potential buyers and please do not build your Sunreef to have less than 4 staterooms. (Rockstar 2.0 listed with Atlantic Yacht & Ship is the perfect example of what I would not recommend my client to do).

If you’re considering buying a Sunreef I would love to discuss it with you in further detail and help out in any way possible. To calculate the lowest possible price you can expect to pay for your Sunreef yacht, I encourage you to check out the Sunreef Yachts Yacht Calculator. Happy yachting my friend!

Chris Mortimer The Yacht Hunter Sunreef Yachts Review
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