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Yacht Zero: A Better Way to Buy Your Yacht

“We’ve always done things this way”

Everytime I heard this as I transitioned into the yachting industry (which was all the time) I wanted to bang my head against the wall. As the yachts themselves and their technologies regularly experience significant innovations, the processes and people serving puchasers around the world have done just the opposite; the collective groupthink has bred a system of inefficiency that has yacht purchasers regularly overpaying for their yachts.

As much as I saw these glaring problems and envisioned the proposed solutions, I made a huge mistake of being too timid and listening to the verteran brokers of the industry that told me ‘it doesn’t work like that’. Finally, I wrote down a list of all the painpoints plaguing the yacht purchasing process, created a solution, and now have implemented a system to consistently serve the interests of yacht buyers nationwide.


  • Broker Commission (Conflict of Interest)  – Plain and simple, as the purchase price of your yacht increases, the broker’s commission check increases as well, so what is your broker’s incentive to assure that you buy your yacht at the lowest price you possibly can? The answer is you hope based on your relationship that they’re putting your interests first and foremost, but given the conflict of nature inherent in any commission split, perhaps your broker may not negotiate as aggressively as they should, they may omit pieces of information to steer your decision.
    • YACHT ZERO SOLUTION – With ZERO yachts to sell, I only advise buyers in their purchases of their yachts, which means that a business model based on buying yachts at the lowest possible price is what works for my clients.


  • Dealer Affiliations – Dealer affiliation has been a key way for brokerages to attract clientele and retain clientele. This affiliation creates a bias for your yacht broker to steer you towards the yachts they know best, opposed to bringing you to the yacht that works best for your lifestyle and budget.
    •  YACHT ZERO SOLUTION – With ZERO dealer affiliations, I put you in touch with an expert on any boat you’re interested in, yet still advise you on how you can purchase your yacht at the lowest possible price.


  • Inventory Bias – The emphasis in the yachting industry is to ‘obtain listings’ which means there’s a seller breathing down the neck of your broker, so they’ll push whatever they have in inventory on you, as on the surface it creates a mutual gain for all three parties (seller, buyer, broker).
    •  YACHT ZERO SOLUTION – With ZERO inventory, every yacht listed for sale in the world can be analyzed and purchased at the best price possible.


The Yacht Zero Purchasing System has been likened to ‘the cloud’ of the yachting industry as it truly delivers a greater sense of transparency and efficiency while eliminating inherent biases. This simple innovative process was designed with noone but you, the client, in mind and the best part of it all, is that Yacht Zero costs buyers nothing while saving them up to 30% on the purchase of their yachts.

Thinking about buying a new yacht, used or are considering custom construction, start your research by checking out some tips on the Yacht Hunter YouTube channel, blog, or contacting me directly.  I would be absolutely ecstatic to advise you in any phase of your yacht hunt, .

#HappyYachting My Friends!