Yacht Management

Yacht Management: Perfect for New Yachts & Absentee Owner Operators


Yacht Management is parallel to the real estate concept of property management; a yacht manager is essentially an on-demand captain who keeps your vessel turn-key and in working order, but is employable with less commitment at a half of the price to nearly one third.

Yacht Managers are usually yacht captains that have ditched the crew quarters and thrown down roots on land. Without being at the beckon call of an owner, they will oversee several boats within a marina or geographical area.

It’s common for them to clean strainers, the vessel, test the systems, schedule yard work, oversee contractors to perform work onboard, washdowns, waxes, bottom cleaning/paint, etc.

Yacht Management is especially common for yacht owners between 30 – 70′ where the owner intends on being the primary operator of their vessels but are too busy to perform the tedious tasks themselves or who don’t want to hire a full time captain.

Yacht Management is also especially common for owners of newer vessels, that don’t require intensive everyday care yet for those who want to keep their purchase looking and functioning like new.

Yacht Management programs typically vary in cost from $30 – $50 per foot, depending on how rigorous of a maitenance schedule is put into place versus the $80+ per foot of a full time captain.

To determine if a yacht manager is right for you, I always encourage potential buyers to ask themselves the following questions:

1) Do I Plan on Operating The Vessel Myself?

2) Do I Plan on Cleaning & Maintaining The Vessel To 110% Standards?

3) Am I Connected or Trusting Enough to Find Qualty & Trustworthy Professional To Perform Work on My Vessel?

4) What condition was my vessel in when I purchased it, what condition is it in now, and what condition do I or a potential buyer want it to be in?


Based on your answers to these questions, a yacht manager might be a viable option for you. If it’s something you’re interested in exploring, please feel free to reach out to me so I can guide or connect you to some of the ehtical yacht managers I’ve met throughout my yachting career.

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