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Azimut Yachts – Price & Review

Azimut Yachts Review

My best advice for someone researching Azimut Yachts – Price & Review is the following: DON’T BUY AN AZIMUT!

Let me back this up with a story of my early career. There’s this running joke between brokers, crew and owners that you hope a buyer comes to you and wants to buy an Azimut. You hope for this because they’ll be calling you within a year later to sell it, which means double commission.

I see that as an awful business model which is why I’m writing this article and started my company to protect yacht buyers from making such mistakes.

But the Azimut joke exists they sell a lot of boats and they consistently overlook quality control. Most of the time, an Azimut buyer is a first time yacht purchaser who obliviously overspends on the way in and has trouble selling on their way out.

As someone who watches and analyzes the market closely, the stats tell a fairly ugly story. As a big fan of italian built vessels, I would certainly allocate my money elswhere.

Therefore, if you’re considering one of the following, I recommend you re-evaluate your options.

Fly – Instead of an Azimut Flybridge, consider a Ferretti, Monte Carlo, or Sunseeker. While I do believe Sunseeker is following the same path of mistakes Azimut has made, they still create a superior product.

Azimut Fly

S – The sporty Azimut S dwarfs a Sunseekeer Predator, Princess V, or a Pershing.

Azimut 86s

Magellano – As far as renowned trawlers go, Azimut doesn’t even make the list. Look towards a Beneteau Swift Trawler but the modern luxury trawler market isn’t quite where it needs to be yet.

Azimut Yachts Pricing

So as we segway into the pricing aspect of Azimut Yachts – Price & Review

Yacht sales are recorded in a database or a yachting MLS so in an efficient world, a smart buyer never pays more than what the last buyer paid for an Azimut of the same make and year. While a smart salesman would price his yacht for sale exactly at this figure, often times salesman will inflate the price up to 30% above this figure which creates a perceived value to a buyer working without a buyer’s broker. Once one is listed so much higher, forth coming listings are also listed at premiums creating an artificial bubble.

Example: A 2011 116 Azimut sold for $5,750,000 in 2016 yet a 2011 116 Azimut is currently listed today (07/14/2019) at $5,999,999. While customizations, condition and upgrades always play a part in valuation, a yacht is never an appreciating asset.

I get clients that say “I just want a good deal” but I know better to say we make our own good deal. If you’re still reading this, I hope you are educated and informed. I encourage you to find out the recent sales figures for any yacht you’re interested in buying and have made it available via the following form.

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