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Monte Carlo Yachts: Top 4 Things To Know

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used Monte Carlo yacht, there’s a simple 5 step formula you must follow to assure that you buy the best yacht at the best price.

  • The Power of Numbers To Leverage Negotiations
  • Recent Sales Data – Most Common Buying Mistake
  • Inspecting The Yacht
  • Consider Alternatives
  • BONUS: Yachtlytics Custom Built Yacht Purchasing Report

The Power of Numbers

When a client comes to me and asks ‘Chris, how do I know what the right price to pay for a Monte Carlo is, I provide them with benchmarks, not only to guide them but to open the eyes of the sellers. (Scroll to the left and right


Every yacht sold, regardless of the make, model, size, year, location or price point of the vessel, is recorded in a yachting MLS, accessible only to yacht sales professionals.

It’s common practice for yacht sales professionals to add up to 30% – 50% above the most recent sale to the listing price, to create the illusion of a ‘good deal’ for an uninformed and unrepresented buyer. 

Therefore, if you negotiate directly with the sales professional, this information may get omitted. You can get it here:


This seems like a no brainer but seeing the Monte Carlo will certainly validate that this is the purchase and fit that works for you. Whether it’s at a boat show, a scheduled appointment or on a charter, a physical visit to the vessel will validate that it is the right yacht to purchase.

I hear stories too often that a salesmen tells a buyer how they should place an offer to make sure their trip is worthwhile before coming to see this while in reality, the boat may not be in the condition it’s advertise as, the salesman will shop your bid prior to you arriving, and it is just a practice that does a buyer no benefit.


You’ve probably stumbled upon Monte Carlo yachts in the first place because you have a taste and pencheant for quality above Azimut and Sunseeker. With that said, be sure to check out Ferretti, Riva and Sanlorenzo so long as they’re all within the budget.

Here’s some Monte Carlo yachts currently for sale on the market that I believe are worth a look.

New and Used. Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 65, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 76, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 80, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 86, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 90, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 96, Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 105, Monte Carlo MC6, Monte Carlo MC5.


Like an analyst recommending an investor to buy, sell, or hold a stock, the same due diligence and unbiased professional opinion is becoming more necessary to make the right purchasing decision.

These are DIY reports I provide to all of my clients and they have consistently and repeatedly save buyers significant amounts of money.

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