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Everything the salesman doesn’t want you to know plus a tip to save big on your used Sunseeker Predator for sale.

Avoid The Most Common Buying Mistake!

Stop looking at what they’re listed for and start looking for what they’ve sold for! Yacht sales are recorded in a yacht sales database made available for salesman and brokers.

This information is often times used by brokers and sellers to inflate the prices of their yachts and in turn the market. The artificially high prices create perceived value to buyers but in reality this is just overspend, beefing up broker commissions. Luckily for you, this powerful information is yours and all you have to do is ask (plus, I Highly reccomend you watch the video below the form!)

I’m Chris Mortimer and I save yacht buyers huge money when buying their yachts and my services are free. | (305) 709 – 2644

Buying Opportunity Announcement 07/10/2019

Free Dockage and Yacht Management for first Sunseeker Predator Buyer of any Sunseeker Predator over $650k and under 70 feet. For more details, contact Chris at 305-709-2644.