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Monte Carlo Yachts Miami

Monte Carlo Yachts Miami

Looking for used Monte Carlo Yachts Miami and want to know how to acquire any Monte Carlo yacht for less by leveraging data and analytics in your negotiation? Below the following individual vessel profiles, you’ll find an abundance of information that will prove to be critical in your search.

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Biggest Monte Carlo Yachts Buying Mistakes!!!

When considering buying a used Monte Carlo yacht for sale in Florida or anywhere else for that matter, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know is not the list price, but the recent sales price, or what actual Monte Carlo buyers have paid for their yachts. Salesman don’t want you to know this information because they’re hoping that you’ll overpay as they’ll earn a higher commission while subsequently, yielding their seller a higher return. (Scroll Down For More Info)

To demonstrate this example, it’s best to consider the following example:

A 2013 Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 is currently listed for $2,000,000 yet the most recently sold 2013 70 Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 sold for $1,900,000 two years ago, the new ceiling in any negotiation should result in a drop of $100,000.

Two very important data and analytically driven points you do need to know are:

  1. 10 Months Represents The Median Amount of Time a Monte Carlo Takes To Sell On The Open Market
  2. 9.8% Represents The Median Amount a Monte Carlo yacht sells below its Asking Price.

Monte Carlo Yachts Range, Cruising Speed & Fuel Consumption Analysis (Coming Soon)

Marlow Carlo Yachts Calculator Coming Soon


Review & Opinion

Monte Carlo yachts is the newer kid on the block when considering their presence against Azimut and Ferretti, but they’ve fortified themselves as big market players by creating a beautifully, well received product.

Monte Carlo Yachts has produced their vessels on a per order basis, which has lead to buyers benefitting from a vessel that maintains it’s value, as the trading of similar vessels isn’t readily available to sales professionals and brokers.

They’re high end interiors, large functional bows, bold hull colors and spacious fly bridge layouts have made them a favorite amongst buyers.

While there are a number of great Marlow options on the market, I would check out the following.

I also would consider alternatives outside the Monte Carlo Yachts family depending on your budget, needs and timeline.

  1. SUNSATION – 2016 Ferretti Yachts 650
  2. FOREVERLY – 2017 Princess 68 Motor Yacht (Palm Beach Gardens Florida)


Monte Carlo Yachts & The Yacht Hunter

I’m Chris Mortimer of theyachthunter.com, and it’s my responsibilities to educate, advise and to protect yacht buyers in every transaction, whether they buy a Monte Carlo or any other yacht. Buyer’s Broker full representation services are always free for buyers, as compensation is derived through a split of the seller’s commission.

I can be contacted by phone (305) 709-2644, by email (cm@theyachthunter.com) or via my YouTube channel 24/7. A team of captain’s and I would be delighted to welcome you to the Yacht Hunter family, and to ensure your enjoyment onboard your yacht you’ve worked so hard for to enjoy.

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