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Used Marlow Yachts For Sale Florida

Used Marlow Yachts For Sale Florida

If you are looking for someone to convince you not to buy a Marlow, I’m not that guy, however, I am the guy who’s going to tell you everything you NEED to know so you don’t overpay for your Marlow.

When considering buying a used Marlow yacht for sale in Florida or anywhere else for that matter, the #1 thing you need to know is not the list price, but the recent sales price, or what actual Marlow buyers have paid for their yachts. While a salesman doesn’t want you to know this information since they are hoping you’ll overpay for your yacht but there’s no reason why you should, when learning this information.

Two of the most important data and analytically driven points you do need to know when buying a Marlow are:

  1. 10 Months Represents The Median Amount of Time a Marlow Takes To Sell On The Open Market
  2. 9.8% Represents The Median Amount a Marlow yacht sells below its Asking Price.
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2015 Marlow Explorer 80E-CB
Miami, FL, US
Key Largo, FL, US
2011 Marlow Explorer 97E Command Bridge
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
2010 Marlow 78E-CB
Stuart, FL, US
2010 Marlow 72E Command Bridge
St. Petersburg, FL, US
2010 Marlow Explorer
Alva, FL, US
2018 Marlow Explorer 58E
Snead Island, FL, US
2014 Marlow Explorer 58E
Snead Island, FL, US
2015 Marlow 58E
St. Augustine, FL, US
2015 Marlow 49E
Snead Island, FL, US

Marlow Yachts Range, Cruising Speed & Fuel Consumption Analysis (Coming Soon)

The calculator coming soon.

Marlow Yachts Review

Some yacht buyers discount Marlow Yachts because they’re not American, Dutch or Italian built boats but the fact of the matter is that they build a high quality yacht, with timeless design, preferred components, and have developed a brand in which clients tend to stay within the Marlow family.

With that said, if you’re a speed demon or in search of modern, sexy interior, a Marlow is not the boat for you but if you can appreciate sophistication, class and quality, a Marlow may certainly be for you.

While there are a number of great Marlow options on the market, I would check out the following.

I also would consider alternatives outside the Marlow family depending on your budget, needs and timeline.


Marlow Yachts & The Yacht Hunter

I’m Chris Mortimer of theyachthunter.com, and it’s my responsibilities to educate, advise and to protect yacht buyers in every transaction, whether they buy a Marlow or any other yacht. Buyer’s Broker full representation services are always free for buyers, as compensation is derived through a split of the seller’s commission.

Regardless of where you are in the world, I can be contacted by phone (305) 709-2644, by email (cm@theyachthunter.com) or via my YouTube channel 24/7. My team of captain’s and I would be delighted to welcome you to the Yacht Hunter family, and to ensure your enjoyment onboard your yacht you’ve worked so hard for to enjoy.

Get to know me by checking out this video about buying Marlow Yachts below!

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