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How yacht salesman trick you into overpaying (AND HOW TO AVOID DOING SO)


The last 2016 VanDutch 40 sold for $460k but there’s one currently listed for sale at $550k.

The last 2015 VanDutch 55 sold for $825,000 but there’s one currently listed for sale above $950,000.

Now, a yacht salesman doesn’t want you to know this information because they want you to overpay for your yacht. So not only will the salesman omit or exaggerate this information, but it’s common practice to list a boat well above this number to create a sense of perceived value for buyers, when in reality it’s a trick to have them overspend.

This is standard whether you’re buying a center console, catamaran, superyacht or anything in between.

I’m Chris Mortimer and I want to make sure you don’t overpay when buying your yacht.

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