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Introducing Your Buyer’s Broker

Plain and simple, I save you a ton of money, mitigate risk and assure you avoid mistakes.

Did you know that yacht brokers are referred to as the used car salesman of the yachting industry? Do you know that 63% of yacht purchasers will overpay on their purchase? Not only is that unneccessary but it’s easily avoidable.
The Yacht Hunter’s single philosophy is that you’ve worked tirelessly to earn your money so you can finally enjoy your yacht;¬† no person, oversight or negligible action should prevent you from doing so and there’s nobody better than The Yacht Hunter to ensure that happens.

The #1 Mistake Yacht Buyers Make

Top 10 Rules When Buying Any Yacht

Your Yacht Maintenance Schedule

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As the buyer’s broker in a standard yacht acquisition, the Yacht Hunter is compensated via a split of the seller’s payable commission (10%) to the listing broker.

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Yacht Buyer’s University

Short educational yacht purchasing videos featuring tips, tricks and strategies designed to protect & save (yacht purchasers).

  • Marine Surveys
  • Why Prices Are So Inflated
  • Maximizing Boat Show Experiences
  • Management vs Captain
  • Yacht Purchasing Checklist
  • Hurricane Preparation
  • New, Used & Custom Builds
  • Truth About Charter Costs
  • 30+ Videos


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